June 3, 2007

The Plan

Posted in ADHD, Posts by Renee, Self-Therapy at 12:28 pm by bloggingawayadhd

OK, so my plan for self-treating my ADD is to do the research on non-prescription-medication treatments and to select the ones I think might help me, and try them out. I don’t want to totally change my routine and body chemistry overnight, so I will gradually add some of the following “treatments” once a week or so. These might include:

  • Exercise
  • Vitamins or supplements
  • Diet
  • Meditation/Relaxation

In addition to “treatments”, I am going to try to change some of my behaviors using goals. These behaviors may involve the way I interact with other people, my organizational skills, my time management, and other things in my daily life that are affected by ADD.

Also, expect to see some technology tools here as well. I am a computer geek and I love my techy toys, so if I find some software or other tech gadget that helps me overcome my “disability”, I will post about it!

Read my “About Page” if you want more info about my ADD history. Please comment if you have any other ideas that I could try out that could help me overcome my ADD-related life problems.


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