June 4, 2007

Day 2: Today So Far…

Posted in ADHD, Exercise, Posts by Renee, Progress at 9:03 pm by bloggingawayadhd

So, I’m doing fairly well today – much better than yesterday as far as how I feel. I have more energy and have finished more housework tasks (laundry) than I have any other day this week. I also got some work done for the business that I put off over the weekend.

I took my Omega-3 supplements and did a brisk 12-minute walk. Along with carrying a lot of laundry up and down the stairs, I’d say I met my daily goal of 15-30 mins of exercise today.

I was told by my family that I was in a complaining mood earlier, but it wasn’t because I was feeling negative – there were just a lot of things that I felt needed mentioning around the house! Yeah, complaining is one of the major things I need to work on, but I am taking it a day at a time.

One thing I know I let slip is that I didn’t get to bills yet… some days I just pray that nothing was due that needed to be mailed out right away. I know money and keeping on top of bills is a big ADD problem, so hopefully my efforts will help improve that part of my life. I’ve wasted enough money on late fees and increased interest rates!

Overall, today has been a good one so far. Let’s hope this isn’t just a fluke and is the start of an upward trend!


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