June 4, 2007

Goal #2: Omega-3 Fatty Acids Daily Supplement

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I forgot to mention something else. I take a multivitamin about 3-4 times per week so I can get nutrients that may not be included in my diet, though I generally eat a good variety of foods. A while ago, I tried to add an Omega-3 fish oil supplement to my regimen because of reading about the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids for brain health in Delivered from Distraction  (a great book that I will write more about at a later date) and Dr. Amen’s website. I also heard Dr. Perricone (and maybe Dr. Oz, also?) mention them on Oprah, so I figure they’re generally worth adding to my diet. I didn’t really take them regularly, though, (maybe 3 times in a week if I remembered) so I couldn’t tell if the supplements made a difference.

So yesterday, I bought a large-ish bottle of them (making sure that they were from am approved manufacturer – be careful as some unregulated supplements may contain toxins) and I plan to take 2 per day regularly.

The contents include 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA in each 1000 mg capsule (1 gram) of Fish Oil Concentrate. I’ve read that up to 5 grams per day is safe, so I am well under the limits when taking 2 per day. I also eat either salmon or tilapia once a week, and I try to cook with Olive Oil, which add additional Omega-3s to my diet.

 I will post about whether they seem to make any difference, though I am also increasing my daily exercise at the same time, so the effects could be combined.

 See additional information at Wikipedia.



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  2. […] So, I thought I’d analyze why I failed at a simple goal: Take Omega-3 supplements every day. […]

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