June 6, 2007

Days 3-4: Update, Productivity Idea

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Well, yesterday was OK. I didn’t meet my exercise goal, but I did get some work done. I took my Omega-3 supplements, so at least I met one goal!

I’ve been reading up on GABA supplements and I’m pretty sure that will be a new goal next week, at which point I’ll write more about what GABA is and why I want to add it to my diet. I’ve also made a nice Excel spreadsheet so I can objectively track my progress, and I will upload that in a future post as well. It sounds like I’m in a procrastinating mood, doesn’t it? Well, when I’m done posting, I’m going to make myself get up and go do my 15+ mins of exercise so I can feel good about meeting that goal today.

Before I go, let me share this idea with you that I saw online: Before going to bed, write down 3 to 5 specific tasks that you want to get done the next day. Put the list by your cell phone or car keys and do everything in your power to get that little list of things done the next day. Sounds like good advice to people like me that are prone to procrastinating and end up with to-do lists with 25 things on them, none of which end up getting done because by the time I’m in a working mood, the list is overwhelming!

Reference: http://lifehacker.com/software/life-hacks/marc-andreessens-guide-to-personal-productivity-266387.php


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