June 8, 2007

Days 5-6 Update

Posted in ADHD, Posts by Renee, Progress at 11:39 pm by bloggingawayadhd

Well yesterday was no good. I got little sleep the night before, I had 3 meetings, and right at the end of the day when I was ready to relax a bit and get some things done, I found out my blender was broken (after I had put the ingredients into it) and got very upset that someone knew it was broken and hadn’t told me. That set off a chain reaction and between being tired and being upset, it turned into an evening of arguments.

My computer also died. (My Dell desktop suddenly seems to be having a motherboard-related power problem – and get this: my warranty just expired 2 DAYS AGO!! But I spent about an hour with a nice helpful service rep on the phone and it isn’t going to cost too much to fix – I hope.) I also did not exercise or remember to take my Omega-3 supplements. So, not a successful day 5.

Today, day 6, I caught up a little on sleep. I am pretty much on an up-all-night, sleep-all-day schedule, so I am less tired, but now my time window for doing errands during the day is very short, and my main work hours are between 11pm and 5 am. However, I do feel pretty good and awake right now at 11:30pm.

I actually have a lot of energy at the moment and I think it will be more productive to use that energy to move around and get my workspace cleaned and organized, than to force myself to sit still and work at my computer with this mess all around me. So, time to plug my good speakers into my laptop, put on my Pandora radio (www.pandora.com), and get cleaning!


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