June 11, 2007

Progress Chart – Download

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OK, so I am ready to upload the progress chart I created so I could have some way to objectively track my progress. I listed my major “add problems” in column A, then for each day, I gave myself a score (0 to 10, 10 being best) on how I did in that area. Some may seem repetitive, but to me they are each individual issues I am dealing with. Each day, I average the whole column to see how I did overall, and each week I will take the average of the daily scores for each row and add them up to get a weekly total. I’m hoping that over time this number will go up!

Goals: You will notice that the numbers for how well I accomplished each goal I set up on this blog is in grey. I figure that the number of goals will go up, but I don’t want to increase the overall possible total (160) so I can have a weekly score that is comparable week to week. So, all of the daily goal scores get averaged into one score (in row 20) that shows how well I did at meeting all of my goals that day. Now, if I add a goal, it will just get averaged into that number.

I also am going to make charts to show visually whether I improve over time, and if you download the file you can see the charts. You can also see the hidden columns with my daily notes if you download the chart.

ADD List Image

 So, here is a picture of the chart (click to enlarge) with the comment columns hidden so I could show all of the numbers. You can see that my total “weekly score” was a 79.9. The highest possible is 160, because there are 16 rows that get added in, and the highest possible average for each row is 10.

 You can download the excel spreadsheet here: Renee’s ADD Progress List



  1. Kelly Moore said,

    Dude! That is *so smart*!!

    I have my own various “chore” charts, but the idea of incremental data never occurred to me. My charts have always been binary, not taking into account that “brush teeth” really could be several variations of done (ex: using sonicare v. regular brush, flossing, using flouride rinse, using superflouridated toothpaste, etc. Each item is an increment/integer in a *variable* answer!)

    It’s probably a tad too complicated for me to start with, as I’m still struggling with just writing down what I ate in a day, for more than one day, but I am totally in love with your concept, downloading your spreadsheet and printing your example.


    Also, if you’re into the kid-type-yet-usable charts, myrewardboard.com is one that I’ve actually used. It’s rather dorky, but since I used a Hello Kitty “chore” chart in College, I really have no shame when it comes to getting things done. :)

    And thanks again and super props and encouragement for this blog. (BTW, came here from Livejournal – LJ=subgirl)

  2. Kelly Moore said,

    Oh, one more thing, in looking on the excel sheet, it might be nice to have the total possible points stated somewhere on the sheet. I’m sure you’re not likely to forget, but I know I space out and go “okay, WHAT was I supposed to do here again?” even if I made the thing myself in the first place. :)

    Just a usability note. It might also nudge up the usage at all since you won’t be having to hold so many numbers in your head. If that makes sense. As a designer, I like to have *everything* possible written down on forms so that nothing gets lost or assumed or forgotten, etc.

    *off to play with the spreadsheet now*

    Thanks again!

  3. bloggingawayadhd said,

    OK thanks for the compliment!
    I’m using it less as a “to-do” list and more as a “how did i do?” score card. Though since the goals are on there, sometimes it’s motivating. Like if I haven’t taken the Omega-3 tablets, and I am about to enter a zero there, I will just go ahead and take them at that moment and enter in a 10.
    The total for each task each day is a 10, so it’s not hard for me to notice at a glance if a goal hasn’t been accomplished.
    Thanks for the feedback!

  4. […] in ADHD, Progress at 7:43 am by bloggingawayadhd This week on my Progress Chart, I scored the highest weekly score yet, an 84! This isn’t extremely high, and is only 4 […]

  5. A Bradford said,

    Wow, reading your blog you are so much like me! I like the chart. I am recently diagnosed and have been doing one too that I made up this summer. It is basically the same concept. I am trying medication, so I factor that in to the chart, and I also plot the daily scores on a graph since I have to see it to understand it. The chart/graph really makes it so much clearer when I am making progress and when I am not. It is hard to stay on top of doing it, especially as I am going through a lot of emotional turmoil right now, but it is worth it when I do.

    I am so glad that other people find this helpful. To me, it seems like it must appear a crazy thing to be doing. I have never known anyone else my age (35) who needs a daily chart to stay focused!!! The last time I remember using a chart like this was the one my mom used for piano practicing when I was ten. I got to choose a toy at the end of the week if I got enough gold stars!

    I am also trying to get more omega 3 in my diet. I am trying flax seed. It is a lot less expensive than fish oil capsules. I put the pre-ground stuff in yogurt, applesauce, cereal, etc.

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