June 28, 2007

Exercise on iTunes

Posted in ADHD, Exercise, Posts by Renee at 5:00 am by bloggingawayadhd

I get bored with exercises really easily. I can’t watch the same video more than a couple times, and just laying on the floor doing situps and pushups just isn’t exciting enough for me to do regularly. So, I found some short exercise “podcasts” on iTunes. Even though they are called podcasts, you don’t have to watch them on a video iPod. I just watch them on my computer screen.

Some of the free podcasts are pretty lame, but I found one that is somewhat interesting. My favorite one at the moment is called “Workout Wherever” and is (surprisingly) created by the directors of Jazzercise. It’s designed for travelers, so you can do the exercises without a lot of space or equipment. All you need is something a little heavy (like a textbook or laptop case), a chair, and a resistance band. I don’t have a resistance band, so I just skip those particular exercises. The lady shows you how to do the move, tells you how many to do, then moves on. It’s nice and quick, and the exercises easily fit into my 15-30 min daily exercise goal. I have downloaded 9 of the workouts, so I can pick and choose which exercises I want to do.

If you know of any other good exercise video podcasts, let me know in the comments!


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