July 3, 2007

Feeling Tired?

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Well, I’ve been taking Omega-3 fatty acids on and off for 3 weeks now. I love finding news tidbits that give me even more reasons to keep taking them!

Here is another potential benefit: staying mentally alert and therefore feeling less tired.

“Fuel your brain with omega-3s. Found in fatty fish (such as tuna and salmon), walnuts, and canola oil, these essential fatty acids play a role in keeping brain cells healthy and helping you feel mentally alert. Another potential bonus: Omega-3s encourage the body to store carbs as glycogen — the storage form of glucose (blood sugar) and the body’s main source of stored fuel — rather than as fat.”

Check out this list of 22 ways to feel more energetic during the day. Of course, exercise is on the list, too.

Since having low energy during parts of the day something I’m tracking in my progress chart, I’ll be able to see if things change over time in that area while taking the supplements.

 Now if I could just get my goals done regularly, I’ll be on my way to a healthier (physically AND mentally) life, and I’ll be able to tell you whether these “natural” ways to theoretically control ADD are working!


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