July 15, 2007

Another better week.

Posted in ADHD, Posts by Renee, Progress at 7:35 am by bloggingawayadhd

So, I guess either the people around me are more relaxed and making life easier for me, or the supplements and exercise are helping! Either way, my weekly score improved again, and I didn’t have one day this week when my average score (over all categories of evaluation) was below a 5 out of 10! That’s a first. I didn’t have any super-great days, but I didn’t have any “bad” days either. I feel like I still cause some arguments and I still have trouble staying on track with my projects, but I seem to “recover” quicker from my down times.

So my aim this week is to improve the score in the category that matters the most at the moment: Getting stuff done for work.

Also, there are 3 people interested in writing for this blog, so I am just waiting for their sample posts that I’ll use to determine whether we will be adding some new authors. Hopefully, the number of posts per week should go up soon.

The blog also hit the 500 visitor mark this week – Yay!


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