August 9, 2007

End of Vacation Report

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Hello Everyone!

I’m back home and ready to settle into the daily routine again. I kept forgetting that the vitamins I brought were in my suitcase pocket, so I only took my supplements a few days while on vacation.

I don’t think I did too well with being a pleasant person while on vacation. There were some problems with our condo (namely, deafening construction at 8:30AM) and I was somewhat moody from not getting enough sleep. We got a huge discount for the trouble, and decided to stay in the condo. Though we had planned to be out each day when construction was going on, everyone in the group was a night owl and no one else found the construction disturbing enough to have to leave the room, so I ended up being the only one sleep-deprived and ended up sleeping on a lounge chair at the pool a couple mornings.

I was told by my closest friend that I complain too much and cause arguments (which I already knew). I thought I was doing OK with complaining, since I complained A LOT less than I wanted to (I really held back) but it wasn’t enough and I was still a pain to be around. :(

I think that when I feel that I’m not in control of the situation and I’m out-voted, that I have trouble doing things other people’s way. I believe it stems from the trouble I have functioning in everyday life, and the need to be in control comes from my own need to feel like I have some control over myself and my situation to feel sane.

Anyway, I’m babbling now. Overall, we had a great trip. I just hope everyone else remembers the good times we had and not what a pain in the butt I apparently was.


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