August 13, 2007

Organization Ideas from other ADDers

Posted in ADHD, External Links, Organization, Posts by Renee, Tools at 2:04 am by bloggingawayadhd

Well I’m totally hyper and can’t focus on work right now. I was just browsing Adults_ADD livejournal and came across this post about someone else with organizational problems:

The other people in the community have some great ideas, including using colorful flower pots to organize stacks of things into categories, and another idea of trading houses with a friend and cleaning each other’s spaces up! Genius! It’s like “Trading Spaces” on TV, but with clutter instead of decorating.

Don’t you find it so much easier to organize for someone else? I could literally be a professional organizer since I have a creative side and lots of ideas for storing things away in a pretty and efficient manner, but just can’t do it with my own stuff. I feel the need to have everything “out” so I can visualize what part of a room it’s in instead of in drawers, but if someone else would put it all away for me, that could work! At least the place would “look” cleaner every once in a while.

Post any other organizational ideas you have in the comments!

P.S. I haven’t tried it out myself, but someone in the Livejournal community recommends Mozilla Sunbird for calendar organization.


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