August 16, 2007

New Organizational Tool – The PocketMod

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Well, today I had a big argument with someone, and it was a backtrack since I thought I’d been doing better about causing huge blow-up arguments. So, to make myself feel better, I decided to improve another part of my life: date planner organization/finances.

I’ve been using a decent planner called Time:Master, but it’s an academic-year planner and ran out recently. Instead of buying a new planner, I decided to try a new method that will hopefully help me pay my bills on time, etc.

I will post in the future how I made my planner and why I made certain choices and hopefully a picture of it.

Today, however, I’m posting about my new “backup planner” idea. The planner I made is in a large 3-ring binder, and sometimes it’s not handy, I don’t want to bring it with me (like to dinner), or I just plain forget to bring it along. Another problem I have is not writing down my checking account transactions (especially debit card) and causing bank account problems. So, I found a way to get a handle on both problems:

The PocketMod.   PocketMod Picture

It’s a little thingy you design online, then fold up like origami, and it turns into a little 6-page pocket-sized booklet! All it takes is one piece of paper to print it out.

So, my pocket mod has a weekly calendar on the front page, a finance page (for tracking debit card transactions) on the second page, folding instructions in the middle (which I won’t need every time!), two lined pages for notes, a shopping list page, a “cover” page which is on page 5 for me, and the back cover is a 2007 calendar. Handy!

So my plans with this are to print one out every week, then keep it in my purse and jot stuff down on it when I don’t have my full-size planner on me, then “sync” it with my full-size planner (hopefully I’ll remember to do this often) and voila! A back-up planner!

Now I just have to make sure I keep a pen with me at all times! I need one of those mini keychain pens…



  1. Brian said,


    There are more modules that you can add, on this site.

    Maybe you will find one that will take the place of your folding instructions!

  2. bloggingawayadhd said,

    Thanks, Brian!

    I was wondering if anyone had developed it further… pretty fun ideas there :)

    I’m a computer programmer, so maybe I can do some myself one day when I have time…

  3. […] list of work projects, I figured I better put a system in place now. I mentioned my “customized planner” before, and haven’t yet finalized how it looks and works, so I haven’t uploaded […]

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