August 27, 2007

Progress Chart Update

Posted in ADHD, Posts by Renee, Progress at 8:13 am by bloggingawayadhd

OK well since I stopped using the progress chart over vacation (in July), then re-started and failed to maintain it a few times now, I think it’s time to start totally from scratch. 3 people in my family are either teachers or students and start school tomorrow, so my whole schedule is going to change anyway. I will attempt to put together a new chart this week and upload it soon.

I’m also in the progress of reading “Women with Attention Deficit Disorder” by Sari Solden, so I will write a little review of that soon when I’m done reading it. One interesting thing I learned that I’ll have to do some more reasearch on is the relationship between dopamine and ADD and estrogen/hormones.

Just wanted to give a quick update – and so this isn’t a totally useless post, here’s a link to another blog I just found that is also linking back to me: Jeff’s ADD Mind


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