September 11, 2007

Blog Success Milestones

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Well, just a few months into this blog and we’re achieving some milestones I want to celebrate!


Visits per week for the last 13 weeks

  1. KickMyADD is about to hit 2,000 visitors! Yay!
  2. KickMyADD is the “featured blog” for the ‘adhd’ WordPress tag! (What makes that happen?)
  3. If you search for ‘supplement adhd’ (in that order) on Google, KickMyADD comes up on the first page! If you search for ‘goal setting and adhd’, KickMyADD is #2! (Thanks for the heads-up, blog stats page.)
  4. And most importantly…. I am still doing this blog after several months! I thought it may either be a flop and no one would visit, or I’d get bored and stop posting after a little while. But neither has happened and KickMyADD is still going strong!

Please post any feedback or suggestions for KickMyADD blog in the comments!


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  1. mrsghost said,

    Congrats! That’s great! I don’t have adhd and I go in writing spurts- off and on! So, for you to keep up with it is really great. Also, it’s really nice when you get noticed for all the hard work you are putting into it! I love wordpress stats- they keep me amused!
    Anyway, I wanted to share some info with you I posted on my blog
    You may have heard about this before. If so, sorry for the repeat. But thought you might be interested in it. I am amazed sometimes at changing or doing little things differently for my husband and son and finding such a big difference!
    Also, did you ever try the flax oil? Just wondering if it was just a lucky shot for us or if a lot of others found it to work, too!
    Keep up the great work!

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