September 11, 2007


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OK, this is a major development for me and I’m very happy about it: 

My partner in business, life, and love told me yesterday that he has realized how hard it could be for me to do little things that he thinks should be easy (like grocery shopping and cooking), so he will take the pressure off of me and stop stressing me out by being so strict about doing these tasks “right”. This is a HUGE relief to me, and I am trying to use this opportunity to be better to him – to listen to him more since I see he has been listening to me.

Here are some shopping- and cooking-related things we have argued about in the past:

  • I bring home the wrong brand of something and it tastes bad
  • I forget to write something on the list that I think I’ll remember (like milk) and forget it
  • I pick up things that I think we need and end up going to the cash register and having to put groceries on my credit card because I bought more than planned and didn’t have enough cash with me
  • I forget to put something on at the right time while cooking a meal, so everything’s done except one side dish that will take another 20 minutes to cook while everything else gets cold
  • I ruin some part of a meal because I wasn’t paying attention to it

Basically, I mess up with food a lot, and he is pretty picky about his food. So, I think this “truce” will be a big help to me, because I think the stress of thinking I’m going to do something wrong causes me to mess up more instead of less. So, with this pressure off, and knowing that a mistake won’t turn into a big argument, hopefully I’ll have better shopping experiences and remember more since I’m not so stressed about getting something wrong. Hopefully I can cook better, too, since I won’t be stressed out feeling like I’m about to get a disappointed look from him when the meal is served. (It’s stressful enough for me to try to coordinate making the meal, without the added pressure of worrying that I’ll get fussed at about it later!)

Without any direct prompting from me, he recognized what a stress this has been on me and promised to lighten up about it, and acknowledged that maybe my ADD makes things harder on me than he originally thought, and that I’m not just making excuses. What a man!!

On other related cooking notes, here’s a cool link to a new “ADD-Friendly” cooking site from the creator of Jeff’s A.D.D. Mind: Jeff the ADD Chef 


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  1. Idetrorce said,

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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