April 23, 2008

Minor Achievement

Posted in ADHD, Exercise, Posts by Renee, Progress at 8:02 pm by bloggingawayadhd

OK, well I’m really only writing this because I need *someone* to share my minor success with… no one’s here at the office to celebrate, so I figured this type of achievement is an ADD-blog-worthy topic. I overcame a big obstacle in my quest to start exercising again (notice, it’s a quest just to get started, I’m sure you understand) – I rode my bike to work today!!

Google maps says it’s exactly 2 miles, and it is quite hilly. I walked my bike up the ‘big’ hill right outside my neighborhood (that scary hill was the biggest excuse for me not to ride, until my super-athletic sister said “Renee, you could just walk your bike up the hill.” – she disabled my biggest excuse! The nerve!), but I rode the rest of the way, stopping at the several intersections in-between.

I rode on the sidewalk, which is actually illegal here, but I’m too afraid to ride in the street on a small highway – even with a lot of intersections, cars go pretty fast on that road. I’ll leave the road-riding to my spandex-clad tour-de-france-in-training aerodynamic-helmeted friends. It would be funny if I rode an aerodynamic helmet, riding my brakes all the way down the steep hills.

So anyway, all winter I said I’d get outside and exercise when it got warm, then during the last couple weeks when it started warming up, I felt so lazy from being a bum all winter, that it was hard to get started. So, I thought I’d start big, and I made it!

I am in an upbeat mood now, and feel focused, so I think I’ll be able to get a lot done today. I’ve heard exercise helps ADD, and I’ve posted about it before (see the Exercise category), so in addition to helping me get fit, maybe this is the start of a new round of ADD self-treatment, too.

Now let’s hope I can get back home….



  1. N. Francesca said,

    Brava to your quest … you’re gonna make ‘it’ happen. I can sense the truth to your conviction within your writing.

    Just an intuitive hunch ;-)

    N. Francesca

  2. bloggingawayadhd said,

    Thanks! :)

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