June 26, 2008

Completed a goal!

Posted in ADHD, Goal Setting, Organization, Posts by Renee, Progress, Self-Therapy at 8:14 pm by bloggingawayadhd

Yay, I finally cleaned out my closet and dresser, like I said I wanted to about a week ago.

I divided my wardrobe into ‘fits’, ‘slightly small’, and ‘yeah right’ sizes. I got rid of everything in the ‘yeah right’  pile, because I’m never going to be under 110 lbs again like I was in high school (nor do I want to be), so anything that would be too tight to wear got put in the yard sale box.

I picked my favorite items in the ‘slightly small’ pile, and stored them in a small box that can fit under my bed. Those are things I’ll be able to wear if I get in better shape like I’m planning to.

Then, in my ‘fits’ pile, I got rid of anything I really won’t wear. I also put 3 of of my 7 purses and 4 of my 12 pairs of shoes in the yard sale box. Most of my shoes are actually pretty worn and getting old, but if I get any new ones, I’ll be sure to eliminate a pair I have now. I don’t need that many shoes. I got rid of  pair of heels that I really like, but that really hurt my feet, because if I keep them around I’ll wear them, but every time I wear them I regret it. I also got rid of a couple formal dresses that barely fit, and that there’s a slim chance I’ll ever wear. If a formal event comes up, I have 2 dresses I could choose from. I really have no need for the rest, and maybe some girl could use one of my old ones and get joy out of it and that would be much better than having it gather dust in my closet.

So, in total, I think I put at least 1/3 of the total items in my closet and dresser into the yard sale bag, and I put all of my winter sweaters in a storage bin in the basement. Now, I have fewer clothes to rummage through when I’m looking for something to wear, and my drawers all open and close easily!

This organization task is a big accomplishment for me, and now the challenge will be resisting the temptation to buy new clothes I don’t need that fill the drawers back up! I’m really not a big clothing shopper, but the styles this season are just what I like (like the loose, flowy, cool-patterned shirts), so I’ll have to limit myself to a couple new items this summer for both organizational and financial reasons. It feels good to have slimmed-down my wardrobe, though, so I know I can keep it that way!

My friends & family have discussed having a yard sale this summer, then giving away whatever doesn’t sell to charity. If it were up to me, we’d have had one already (I actually enjoy the challenge of organizing and holding a yard sale, and we have a ton of junk in our basement), but hopefully we will get around to it by fall!



  1. John J said,

    Way to Go!

  2. Joan said,

    Good job! Believe me I know it’s hard to actually get yourself to do that organizing but it feels sooo good once it’s done. I have a storage full of stuff that I really need to just get rid of instead of paying close to $200 a month for. For what I’ve paid in storage i could’ve replaced those things. I will be so happy to report when I’ve gotten rid of it.

    My friend is always telling me to sell on ebay. One of my friends started organizing for people, then she would keep the things they didn’t want and put them in her ebay store. My other friend just got rid of things she didn’t want selling on ebay and craig’s list. I’m going to try craig’s list.

  3. bloggingawayadhd said,

    Thanks Joan and John!

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