Amen Clinic Self-Analysis

Just FYI: I took Dr. Amen’s Brain System (ADHD Subtype) test at and these are my results:

ADD Combined Type – Probable
ADD Inattentive Type – Not Probable
Cingulate System Hyperactivity – May be possible
Limbic System Hyperactivity – Probable
Basal Ganglia Hyperactivity – Not Probable
Temporal Lobe System – Highly Probable

So, when you read my blog and see my symptoms and self-treatments, keep in mind that these are my probable “ADHD Subtypes”. Try the quiz yourself and see what it says about you!

Note 5/29/08: This test used to be free, and I don’t feel comfortable telling people to go take it now that it costs $5. I’m going to email the Amen Clinic to see if readers of my blog can get access to this online quiz for free.

Note 10/6/08: I never got a response to the email….

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