September 17, 2009

What Works – Variety Task List

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I used to put only my most major, most important tasks on my to-do list, things that may take more than a day to accomplish and that I would really set my mind on. The problem with that was, when I didn’t feel like working on a major task, I didn’t get anything done at all. I would sit there trying to hype myself up to do the big tasks.  Then, the little tasks would pile up until I was way behind on everything.

So, I started putting a variety of things on my to-do list, some things that take hours or days, some things that can be done in a half hour or so, and even short 10-minute tasks. Now, there’s always something I can convince myself to do, so if I’m not in the mood to work on a big task now, I can get the little things done so they’re out of the way when I am in the mood to work on the big task (or when the deadline on the big task is looming and I’ve procrastinated it so long, I must work on it at the expense of everything else!).

It also feels good and is motivating to check stuff off the list, even if it’s just something little!

On a related note, I just bought this shirt: !


August 24, 2009

Update – Yaz is not working for me

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For men that don’t care to read about ADHD and menstrual cycles, feel free to skip this post! For everyone else, continue here: Read the rest of this entry »

June 18, 2009

What Works – Bills in Google Calendar

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I’ve had some “failures” and some successes with my ADD lately. One thing that is definitely helping me is putting my bills in Google Calendar.

I scheduled 2 small bills to be paid monthly from my online banking interface. Because I’m bad at keeping track of my checking account level and don’t want to bounce checks, I didn’t automate my more expensive bills.

But, I do have a semi-automated system that helps. I am on my Gmail account daily for personal emails and for work emails which get forwarded there, so I look at Gmail constantly.

So, I sat down and set up all of my monthly bill dates in Google Calendar and have it email me 1 day ahead of when they need to be paid. If I do more than one day, I’ll put it off and forget. Less, and I might miss it. So, I get an automated notice from myself by email that says “Pay Credit Card Bill Online Tomorrow” and I leave it “unread” so it is bold until I pay it.

It has worked very well and the only problem now is remembering to enter in the one-time bills since I rarely look through my bill pile anymore! It has saved me late fees and raised interest rates since I pay on time now!

Quick Posts

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So I haven’t posted lately because I don’t have much time these days and I can’t fully research or think through longer posts. However, I am able to write quick blurbs, and I think these might help some people, so I will try to share articles I find or write up things that have been working for me! I hope to keep this blog going!

January 25, 2009

How to Declutter

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Here’s an article from CNN & Real Simple Magazine with tips on how to declutter all that stuff you’ve been keeping around!

January 12, 2009

Curse or Gift?

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There’s an interesting discussion going on over at Jeff’s ADD Mind blog about whether ADHD is a curse or a gift (be sure to read the comments):

Post 1: The Curse that Keeps on Giving

Post 2: The Gift vs. The Curse

I have a slightly different take on it – the curse IS the gift. Of course, it’s really hard to see it that way sometimes (trust me, I know), but if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you can get a feel for what the apostle Paul was saying:

“…we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” -Romans 5: 3-4

Of course, it’s really difficult to have hope when you’ve gotten in a needless argument with a loved one for the 1,475th time, but as we learn to at first cope with, then overcome, the things we struggle most with in life, we will see that the things that “cursed” us the most also taught us the most. When I get really down about my ADHD problems, I can sometimes take solace in the idea that in a way, struggle and suffering in life is good for us.

What do you think? What gives you hope in the midst of dealing with the “curse” of ADHD?

December 13, 2008

Bill-Paying Calendar on GCal/GMail

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I’m notorious for missing bills. I’m sure I have paid several hundred dollars of late fees in my lifetime, which I can’t really afford to be doing.

I don’t have so much money that I’m willing to set up auto-payment for all of the bills online (for fear of risking overdraft), but I did set up auto-payment for 2 of my smaller bills through my bank website.

For the rest, I set up a Google Calendar with alerts. So, I get notified the day I need to put bills in the mail (I thought about notifying myself further in advance, but then I’d put it off and probably forget.) Now I just have to remember to take it to the post office once I fill it out! If I still have trouble, I’ll set up 2nd alerts for the day after the payment should be mailed, saying “Have you mailed the Credit Card bill yet?” I also enabled the calendar widget in Google Labs so it shows up in my GMail sidebar.

Now if I could only get better about balancing my checkbook. (Thank goodness for online bank statements!)

November 24, 2008

Free “Productive Magazine” Download

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I found this link on Lifehacker. I haven’t read it all, but it looks good so far, so I thought I’d pass it on:

November 8, 2008

Trick I’ve been using

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I noticed that I’ve been doing something lately to help me keep track of vital stuff I need to carry with me, and it has been helping. I did this in a way before, but now it’s more “formalized” – I run down a list of things I’m supposed to have on me, and say where each thing is out loud. It took me a while to make it a habit, but it has helped keep me from 1) locking my keys in the car, 2) forgetting to take things with me as I’m leaving the house, 3) leaving things in random places and forgetting where they are.

So, this is basically how it works: I mentally list what I need to take with me before I leave the house, leave the car, leave the store, etc. and touch/say where each thing is. It sounds goofy, but trust me, it helps. So, before getting out of the car at the grocery store, I’ll say:

“I need cell phone, money, grocery list, keys.”

“Cell phone in purse” (feel for cell phone lump in purse pocket)

“Money in purse” (glance to make sure it’s there)

“List in pocket” (feel pocket)

“Keys in hand” (jingle keys)

“OK, locking door. Keys in hand.”

I have an old manual-locking vehicle, and I used to put my keys in the cupholder while I was gathering things to get out of the car, then get out and lock and close the door, only to glance in and see the keys in the cupholder at that moment. Once my boyfriend came with the spare key for the 3rd time, I devised a method, and it has really helped so I thought I’d share. I know it’s hard to incorporate someone else’s tactics into your day, so you’ll have to make it your own. Let me know what works for you!

Impulse that Cost Me

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I do have ADHD, but I don’t think I have the ‘impulsive’ type of it. I usually thoroughly research things before buying them to make sure I’m not purchasing something that will break or I won’t use.

So, yesterday I made the first ‘impulse gamble’ that cost me money, $20 to be exact. I won’t go into details, but basically, I tried out a website that could have gotten me something nice for cheap, but there was a gamble that I might not get anything at all. The website is not a scam, I checked it out thoroughly, and you can legitimately get an expensive item for a few dollars if you’re lucky/patient, but it is a money-making machine that could definitely make someone impulsive lose a lot of cash, that’s why I capped my potential losses at $20 – and it’s a good thing I did, because I did spend it all and got nothing in return.

Anyway, just wanted to share. It did make me feel really guilty because I’m not one to gamble, and I’m not one to waste money – I like to give extra cash to charity. I rationalized this expenditure by saying anything I got would be a gift to someone else, and I wouldn’t keep anything, but I ended up with no gifts to give, and my Christmas shopping fund is now down 20 bucks. So, I’ll write it off as a $20 game (it was fun) or a $20 lesson learned, and remember not to give into my impulses like that again!

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