October 11, 2007

Women-Only Post!

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Hi ladies, this post is for us.

I was wondering if any of you female readers out there notice an increase in your ADD/ADHD symptoms before you have your period, as a part of PMS. I recently had a person close to me tell me that they know when I’m about to start my period, even though I am extremely irregular, because my ADD behavior seems to change for the worse – not just moody PMS kind of symptoms, but more distractability, more impulsive talking/interrupting, etc.

I’ve had hormonal issues for a while now, and my endocrinologist suggested going on a birth control pill to regulate my cycles. I have to go on a low-estrogen one since there is estrogen-senstive breast cancer in my family. One that was recommended is Yaz, and I saw on the TV commercial for it that it is supposed to help with PMS/PMDD in general, too.

Does anyone else notice a change in ADD symptoms at that “time of the month” and have you noticed whether birth control pills work to help?

I know this is a non-medication-centered blog, but going on this medication would be for another physical problem that is somewhat serious, and the medication just may have the side-benefit of helping with ADD problems also.

Just curious! Thanks for any input in advance!

Here are some related links for women with similar issues (note, these links may not reflect my own opinion and are just for informational purporses):

Understanding PMDD

Women and ADD/ADHD

High School Girls and ADHD

Book for Women with ADD by Sari Solden

P.S. If anyone knows of any medical studies conducted on this topic, please post in the comments!



  1. beachmusic7 said,

    I’ve read that in women hormonal fluctuations alter your ADD/ADHD symptoms. See below.


    ” I have found this to be a very critical, but often overlooked area in treating women with ADD (ADHD). I often hear from women who report that as they enter perimenopause and the “flashes” begin, they have more problems with their ADD (ADHD) symptoms or that their stimulant medication does not seem to be working as well as it did previously.”

    • Lindy said,

      This is the first time i have looked at this site. You just talked about
      something i have been wondering about for years. Menopause.
      I am very post menopauseal. Since Menopause started 15 yrs ago.
      I have become very much more aware of my ADD in good and negitive ways. I haven’t found much about ADD in this age group.
      I would love to here from anyone that knows of good resources.

  2. bloggingawayadhd said,

    Thanks for the link and info!

  3. Telophase said,

    Yup, I’d noticed a correlation. However, my migraines also knock out any benefits the Strattera gives me, and since I’ve been on the Pill (10 months now) I’ve figured out that some of my migraines are hormonally related, because I get one like clockwork now every month. So I don’t know whether it’s the migraines or the hormones that affect the ADHD, but this way at least I can – when I remember to – schedule Stuff That Needs To Get Done at other times.

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  5. Joan said,

    The only thing I’ve noticed is that I get really, really tired and sometimes I feel like my adderall isn’t working around that time.

  6. Laura said,

    I too have noticed an association between worse ADHD symptoms (general brain related executive dis-function) and hormonal changes. A week or so before my period I become much more distracted, can hardly engage in abstract thinking, and my memory is terrible –I also have migraines when this happens. I always had migraines associated with my period (they typically start about a week before), but the association between hormones and worse ADHD symptoms became more aparent since I turned about 34 years old –I am now 38. I do not know of any research on this relationship but would love to learn more about it.


  7. Ashoka said,

    I read the one of Daniel Amen’s books a long time ago.I started using the nutritional approach and it really helped.He is a great doctor ,but he is missing a very important piece of the puzzle.All these nutritional things help because something in our bodies is making us deficient.That something also explain why women have an exacerbation of ADD symptoms during PMS and during other times of hormonal fluctuations.That something is mercury poisoning from vaccines and silver filling in your teeth.Men are much more like to have ADD because of testosterone which encourages mercury toxicity.Estorgen protects the brain from the neurotoxicty of mercury and that’s why women are less likely to have ADD.The women that do have ADD will have an exacerbation of symptoms when their estrogen is low.Autism/ADD/ADHD are primarily caused by mercury but could also be caused by lead.Jenny McCarthy’s kid got cured by fixing all the underlying imblances caused by the mercury and bye chelating the mercury.She’s all over youtube.Check out Rashid Buttar’s interview on youtube also.I’m using a very similar protocol and getting good results.Down below is a website that will give an outline of the cure for ADD.Remember ADD and Autism may have different symptoms but the causes are the same.The reason for our different symptoms is that Autistics are more toxic that us ADDers.Study the autism websites.They have the best info. http://www.miriamjangmd.com/DAN-protocol.html

    • ann said,

      In response to your link between hormonal fluctuations and ADHD being mercury posioning is a possible answer for many of the women on this board to take into consideration. But one thing I have learned through my studies in school is that you cannot jump to conclusions. You must question everything and search for information to back it up. What I am saying is if you really believe it is mercury posioning question it. Research it out and then make a decision. We all want answers but we should not rush into anything.

  8. Ashoka said,

    Here is a link talking about and experiment they did to prove that estrogen protects from mercury toxicity.
    We did not have this epidemic of ADD/Autism 30 years ago.Autism used to be 1 in 10,000 and now it’s 1/166.ADD diagnosis has also exploded.Dr Rashid Buttar did a study of 42 kids and he cured 29 of them with chelation(getting the mercury out of them).The others have improved.They are putting out studies saying that their isnt a link between ADD/Autism and mercury.These studies are funded by pharmaceutical companies who are responsible for the vaccine damage and who are making billions off of psychiatric drugs.Be careful when yout look at studies because a lot of them are complete BS.Studies done by doctors themselves are ussually the most accurate.The studies put in these big medical journals are funded by bigpharma.Mercuy creates severe nutritional problems by suppressing the immune system and disturbing intestinal flora and occupying the space where our good minerals should be.This is whey people wiht ADD/ADHD respond well to nutritional therapy.

  9. olivia said,

    When I get PMS (typically 5 to 7 days before I start my period), I feel like my ADD meds don’t do a damn thing. They just totally stop working…except it does keep my moods a little more under control…that is until the night time when they’ve worn off, and then all hell breaks loose. I am often confused during PMS, overtired, emotionally volatile, and unable to give proper attention to my boyfriend or to those around me. I am actually considering taking a low-dosage birth control pill to help regulate my hormones. I’ve heard it really helps for women with ADD.

  10. bloggingawayadhd said,

    Thanks, Olivia, your comment was timely, as I’ve been dealing with some relationship issues partly due to this very recently. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one in this situation, and I have also been considering going on BCP more seriously recently, because both my physical hormonal issues and my mental ones seem to be more severe lately.

    Though, it is hard to determine whether an outburst is hormone-related, ADD-related, or just relationship-related sometimes!

  11. Jessica said,

    I am soooo glad I found this web page b/c I too have been struggling with this. I was diagonsed with ADD bout 6 mths ago and took Concerta 36mg and it worked GREAT for 4 mths then quit working…I tried uping the dose to the 54mg and OH NO, zombie on speed and then I tried a different med (starts with a Vyanese or something) 54mg the same thing happened which made me really wonder if I was just crazy. I got disappointed and quit trying to treat it. But I just turned 40 this Feb. and I have been tracking my symptoms of PMS. I have ALWAYS had severe PMS (or PMDD as now discovered) and oh my gosh… my ADD symptoms sky rocket from 1 week pre start all the way through 2 days after ovulation.. I LITERALLY have 1 “good” week a month. I really have been seriously considering going back to my doc and having my hormones checked as a matter of fact I am calling her today. I can’t live like this any longer. I homeschool my 3 kids and it is EXTREMELY challanging when my symptoms flare up. The caos in my house it ridiculous. Thank you for sharing all of your experiences on here and I realize that I’m not crazy and I should see my doc ASAP. I too have read about YAZ and will check it out too. My good week ended day before yesterday!!! :)

  12. bloggingawayadhd said,

    I’m glad you called your doc – what did you find out? I’m considering going back to the doctor and getting on the pill again to regulate my hormones.

    Don’t convince yourself that your good week ended, though. I’m finding that it is much easier to handle things if I’m mentally positive and not convinced that I’m going to have a bad day ahead of time!!

  13. stinkinadd said,

    I am SO thankful I found this page! I have just been diagnosed with Adult ADD about 3 months ago. I have noticed that about 10 days before my cycle starts that it seems that my Adderall doesn’t hardly help at all. It is extremely frustrating! Thank you all for posting on here. It has encouraged me!

  14. bloggingawayadhd said,

    Great! I’m so glad to help, and positive comments like yours help encourage me, too!

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  16. shanna said,

    I have the same problems. Right before my period I worry excesively, and my mind races. Nerves are just shot. My temper seems to be off base too. I get more fluctuations in sex drive and I feel very confused. I have to say that I tried Yasmine the birth control you spoke of. I think it does help.My nights were not as wrestless. Ive decided to go back on the pill. I found it also helps alot if you take vitamin supplements especially Omega 369, Evening primrose oil, Happy sense, Estro sense. Take out caffine ,sugar, refined flour,salt. Drink raspberry tea to reduce water wieght gain. Increase green tea its high in antioxidints. I was also told cilantro takes lead out of your body. Hope this helps.

  17. bloggingawayadhd said,

    I believe Yasmine is a slightly different drug than Yaz (not sure) but yeah I think BCPs have helped me (I’m much less moody and tired on Loestrin-24 than I was on Yaz). I do need to get on track and start taking supplements more regularly so I can see if they help me, too! Thanks for the info!

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